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Our Story


Here at Winchester's Wings, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making sure all animals have the food, shelter and the medical care required to thrive not just survive. 

Meet Winchester He was born a premie and had under developed lungs. We lost him 2 years ago when he was only 6 and it absolutely broke my heart. The day started as normal I was in the shower and he was on the carpet by side. When I looked through the shower door his lips and tongue were blue and he passed out. I ran him to a local animal hospital where he was immediately put on oxygen so they could run tests. About 2 hours later with no answers they asked me what I wanted to do? See they were closing in 30 minutes and Winchester couldn't survive without oxygen. I begged for transport of some kind, a portable tank or even the full tanks off the wall to get me to OSU and get him to 24 hour care. Only to be handed my dying dog and told to drive fast.

We made it to OSU and they were wonderful. I got an extra 5 days with Winchester and they were the best 5 days of our life. That photo in the corner is the last photo we took before he was rushed back to OSU to say our final goodbye's.

Since that day I have vowed to do everything I can to honor his memory. This page is dedicated to Winchester and the person he has inspired me to be. You will furever have a paw on my heart.

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